Assessing the financial side of a job offer. Main questions to ask.

Have you came out of the job interview and got a job offer? Don’t be to relax because it is time to negotiate financial terms of the contract. Many people don’t go further than asking about an annual salary and this is where they make their first mistake. We have made a list of main question to ask while considering a job offer. It will help you to clarify whether you should accept the job offer or not.

1. What kind of policy retirement does the company have?

Retirement program is a cornerstone of an excellent  job offers that don’t have matching options for your long term plans. This question is especially important for understanding of how much you should save now to meet your long term goals. You have to discuss all possible options so that you would gain a flexible position in case if will not get along working with this company.

2.  What is the conditions of getting bonuses?

There are only several companies that offer bonuses or bonus system. So it is important to be informed if you can get a Holiday compensation or bonuses are strongly dependent on your performance. If the last is true you better be familiar with the bonus metrics.

3. Am i eligible to use companies cars/phones/drivers ?

All freshmen want to get something more from the company. If it allows you, why you should resist?

These are the most typical three questions to ask. Want to know more? please check and don’t forget to look excellent while doing an interview or it will not reach the point where you will be asking any financial questions. Check to know more about style.

How to roll up your sleeves

Lets say that you urgently have to roll up your sleeves whatever reasons are. There are bunch of methods to make it up but there is only one way of doing it as fast and easy as possible.  It is a casual forearm roll.

A casual shirt roll that is conveniently one of the easiest to roll without wrinkles. It involves just several folding.

1. First you have to unbutton the cuff and all the buttons on the sleeve.

2. Fold the cuff back

3. Fold over once. Also, try to hide the cuff behind a sleeve fabric.

4. That is all.

At the end the rolled sleeve should be around the middle of the forearm. The tightness is not necessary because it will slightly slide afterwords. This style is particularly excellent when you dress a your shirt with all kind of jackets or sweaters. It also will perfectly fit a thin arms of skinny person.

If you want to know more ways of rolling sleeves up check the definitive guide to rolling up your sleeves by Esquire which is one of my favorite fashion magazines. Want to know more about shirts? here is a website for you to get more informed

Enjoy it!

Want to look like a real politician?

house of card

House of cards presented by Netflix  is such a popular TV show recently. Best script, Best Director, plus super great actors, this show seems to be no reason not to go on fire. And from this show we glimpse into the White House style of men’s suits. Francis’s old-fashioned suits suit completely out of line, and there is no hard-edged close-cropped, but for middle-aged politicians, so steady and introverted style of suit was very suitable for his career. Francis all the subtlety and artifices were hidden beneath his old-fashioned suit, perhaps the only real power, to hold up his their suits.

Just because his suits are old fashioned, it does not mean that he did not pay attention to other details, such as his different ways to tie a tie. His every move is specifically well planned, and so does his suits details. That’s the most important things every man should learn from him.

Improve your current wardrobe having a fresh set of custom dress shirts

By buying only custom dress shirts for men, men possess the opportunity to show their concern for detail, regardless of the material used within the manufacturing method. Whenever you wish to hide the undesirable fat out of your waist or highlight an ideal physique condition, this item will undoubtedly are available in handy. There is certainly a specific quantity of shirts that every elegant man must have in his clothing, each produced out of a diverse color, texture and style. Possessing many different diverse dress shirts will help you to get a brand new image, even if you wear the identical suit. You are going to discover various distinct sources from where you are able to purchase a custom dress shirt, and the world wide web is just among them.

Tailored shirts

Going to the workshop of a specific designer is practically the very first point which you ought to do once you wish to buy custom dress shirts. You will find distinct elements that ought to be clarified prior to the developed can commence operating on your dress shirts: like your body`s measurements, height and weight, what sort of collar to utilize in the manufacturing approach, the cuff kind and any additional aspects that might influence the final outcome of his operate.


Not all males comprehend and appreciate the elegance that may be obtained by wearing custom produced clothes. In order to get an notion about what it is all about, it is possible to commence using a simple custom dress shirt. The approach of producing wonderful custom dress shirts consists on three significant aspects: setup, testing and execution. Even so, with no clarifying all of the necessary elements that surround this method, consumers might be frustrated when they get their products. Be sure to speak together with your developer and offer him all the info that he needs to know each time you want to acquire a custom dress shirt.


Anytime you wear a shirt which was specially produced to fir your body, you’ll feel a lot much better and much more comfortable when compared with what you expertise when testing out a usual prepared to wear shirt out of your regional retailer. You may need to take time and evaluate all attainable choices if you desire to purchase new clothes. In this hectic society, men and women don’t have significantly time for you to strategy their shopping sessions, so they finish up getting items that don’t satisfy their needs completely. A lot of folks avoid purchasing custom dress shirts because the delivery time is larger compared to the immediate transactions.


This may possibly be right, but patience might bring with it quite a few benefits. To start with, in case you are a man that cares for specifics, you understand how crucial it’s to possess a shirt that can fit the body completely. You’ll be capable of acquire the model that you have thought, with out worrying about the thickness on the cuff or the size in the sleeves. It is possible to also pick the fabric that you simply like ideal. In order to obtain the ideal custom dress shirts, you could possibly need to have a look at your existing wardrobe and offer you a few examples to your designer.

The way to obtain the top custom dress shirts for the new wardrobe

Made out of cotton, poplin, twill or linen, the custom dress shirts are virtually a symbol of men`s concern for fine detail. It is the decisive garment that could help us to cover flaws or to highlight a staunch waistline or maybe impacting bust line. Taking into consideration the color, texture and model, an sophisticated man must possess among 80 and one hundred dress shirts in his clothing. You are able to state that when you have ten different shirts and only 1 suit within your wardrobe, it really is like having ten distinct suits. For this reason, you must do somewhat study online and order your first custom dress shirt.

Men's shirts

The very first step that the developer might consider in order to start off producing your custom dress shirts consists on getting a meeting in the workshop. When you meet using the designer, he will undergo the rest from the methods within a truly enjoyable environment: taking measures, establishing your body type (classic or slim fit), establishing the kind of collar that you simply want to use (classic, Italian, cufflinks and so forth) and the cuff variety (straightforward, closing to 1-2 buttons, round, straight, double etc), as well as other details that may be essential to you and may enable the designer to create the custom dress shirt that you imagine.



Wearing a custom dress can be a exercise that should be appropriately understood and taught. Consequently, a custom dress shirt may possibly be a great introduction in this certain category of clothes. Accurate custom dress shirts require time for setup, testing and execution. As well usually clients are rushing into a particular store and order a custom dress shirt with out taking count of high quality, measurements and each of the related attributes. Anytime you make a decision to purchase such an item, you have to reserve at the very least 1 hour to be able to total all of the essential methods proposed by the designer.


You’ll find numerous differences between wearing a custom dress shirt plus a ‘ready to wear’ shirt, given that you’ll really feel far better and more comfy in all of the garments that were developed in your measurements. Even ordering your clothing is definitely an act that should be taught. We live within a world virtually exclusively modeled on the principle of regular clothes and an quick transaction. The act of receiving a good garment after a number of weeks of waiting calls for a dose of patience entirely distinct from what you anticipate once you visit a normal shop.


Nonetheless, the advantages are obvious. Every detail of one’s custom dress shirts will be done in line with your wishes, in the material utilized inside the manufacturing process towards the thickness on the cuff. A shirt created precisely soon after your measurements will fit you flawless and more than that, it’s going to appear specifically like it was meant. In terms of deciding on the best fabric, the diversity in samples must not scare you. Contemplate what you like concerning the shirts that you just currently have within your wardrobe and what you need from those that you simply will order inside the near future.